The Beginnings of Project 3

Project 3 has begun and the brief has been received. This time around our brief has us creating a game around player types. Bartles player types is a system of defining how a player plays a certain game. For example, the player types that our game is targeted at is the Explorer, and the Collector. The explorer player type thrives to discover the boundaries of the game. Not just the game world, but the mechanics themselves, pushing them to the limit to get every piece of information about it. The Collector player strives to unlock or collect everything in the game. People who find themselves searching for all the secrets, or achievement hunting would fall under this player type. For more information on player types, here is a good read about player typesAnd here is a good video about Player Types.

Some other things we need to hit in our brief is making the game 3D, everything will need to be in a scale ratio of 1,3 or 7, and have an approximate 10 minute play session. We also have to incorporate two different music tracks of music that would react to the gameplay itself.

The tasks I have set myself for this project will help me reach a passing mark for my Studio class. My group and I have already completed a High Concept Document and almost finished our Game Design Document, but we are still updating these documents on a daily to make sure they are up to date. I have taken it upon myself to do the bulk of the Level Design Document as that's what I wan't to do in the game industry. I have also started to work on an Audio brief for our audio collaborators, and an Art bible for our artists and animators.

Overall, the start of this project has been really busy, and should stay that way for the rest of the duration, but I think myself and my team are on the right track to a good outcome.