Sticky Situation: Level Design Document

The level design document for a project is important because it tells the level designer how to construct a level. The document needs to explain why everything is placed where it is, and how players will approach and encounter the game mechanics. Unfortunately, the level design document (or LDD for short) that we made for Sticky Situation did none of this. In our LDD, which is far from finished, we explain is slight detail about how the map was originally going to be created, and that't about it. These are the things that our LDD was missing. 

As mentioned before, the LDD should explain the layout of the level and the game mechanics required to complete it. The start of the document should have an introduction to the level, to set the scene. For Sticky Situation for example this should have been a paragraph that outlined that the game was set in a backyard at around midday. This sets the scene for our level.

The next thing our level design document needed was how the game mechanics are integrated into the level. This section would have included where the food for Stanley would be, the places where the player can enable mimic mode, as well as where the enemies would be within the level. Each section would go into detail about why it is important to have why each mimic mode zone is where it is, as well as why there are certain things around it. For example, a paragraph explaining why this mimic zone has more enemies patrolling around. 

The next thing our LDD would need would be a couple of different images to show the layout of the scene. This image would consist of the physical layout of the scene including obstacles and level boundaries, all the the collectables that are available to the player, all the of the mimic zones, and all of the enemies and their patrol routes (if eligible).  To help distinguish between each specific object, they would be colour coded. 

Unfortunately, our project never had a fully completed LDD, or even a completed level for that matter. But if we were to continue to work on this project we would need to update our LDD with this information so when it came time to actually create a proper level, it wouldn't be a jumbled mess like our temporary scene.