Career Goals

Game design opens up a lot of different paths for me when I finish Uni. The type of development I am interested in is level design, and how these levels come together in different ways to become the final level.

My interest in level design stems from being addicted to command and conquer and age of empires world editors when I was a kid. The design process of starting with a blank canvas, designing the layout of the level in MS paint and then spending hours upon hours terraforming the map and adding resources, trying to create a fun and balanced multiplayer experience for everyone who played.

My career goal is to be a the lead level designer for a large game publisher. My favourite type of maps to create are multiplayer maps, so I would want to work on the multiplayer maps. What interests me about multiplayer maps is the balancing and making it fair and fun for all players. There is nothing I hate more when playing a multiplayer map than coming across a map that is really one sided.

Some ways I can work toward this is with small steps in the game industry. The first step for me is to make personal indie projects. This ties into one of my personal goals, which is to have a game on Steam. Once I have built up a small portfolio of projects that I have worked on (I already have some projects in my portfolio) I will try and get a job at a small publisher. Once I have my foot in the door, it’s about learning new skills and improving on skills I already have.

Ideally, my career goal would be to work for a large game publisher as a level designer, with a couple of my own games on Steam or another marketplace. I am already on my way  with games on for download and a start on a portfolio.