Tunnel Vision: Post Mortem

For the first two weeks of trimester I have been working on a small project. This project was a solo project where we had to make a game that was based on a personal experience. 



Because this project was only 2 weeks long, appropriate scope was an important part of this project. From day 1, I had an idea of what I wanted to create. I know what skills I am confident with, and what I needed to learn about to get the project running. So I estimated how much time it would take me to learn the required skills. 


Project pivotting is an important part of making a video game. After my first playtest, it was apparent that something needed to be changed. I defaulted to a win and loss state for my game, which didn't really fit. I had a bar that when it reached full, the game would end. I got a lot of feedback about the bar and how it took the expereiecnce out of the game, so I decided to remove the lose state of my game.



Due to the short turn around on this project, there wasn't any time to do any proper documentation. Because the project was only small, it didn't have a large effect on the final product but with documentation such as a level design document, game design document and high concept document, the final product could have been better.

In Conclusion

Overall, the project went fairly smoothly and I managed to get everything I wanted to into the game. I am quite happy with the game I made in the past 2 weeks.