Doggo is a 3D sandbox came where you play as Doggo at the local dog park. Walk around, play fetch with your owner and talk with other dogs. This project was a university project that was created in 2 weeks for a university assessment.

Doggo was a university project that consisted of myself, Jake Andrews and Daniel Jochem. The idea behind this project was a simple game with interactions between you (the dog) and your owner at a dog park. The reason we went with this style of game was because we wanted to use “Fungus”, a easy to use tool for dialogue and story telling.

For this project, I was in charge of setting up the play area for the game, and creating the dialogue for the dogs. We collaborated with a few 3D artists and designers who were peers at uni to help create the assets for the dogs and environmental assets.


Created by:

Jake Garrett - Game Designer

Jake Andrews - Game Designer -

Daniel Jochem - Programmer -

Luke Brazier - Audio -

Kayla Garrett - Animator (Animation) -

Andrew More - Animator (3D Models)

Patrick Hewitt - Animator (3D Models)

Thomas Saggers - Animator (3D Models and Animation)

Edward Harmon - Animator (3D Models)

Heaven Scutt - Animator (3D Models)